ThinkUp: analyze and archive your data from Facebook, Twitter and Google+

ThinkUp is a free social monitoring tool that just hopped out of beta. The open source app enables you to monitor, extract, archive and analyze your activities on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  It is great to be able to do this in a single place without charge. The fact that the tool runs on your own web server makes it really awesome. You get full control over your own data but also the responsibility to make and keep that data safe.

We have all gotten used to the fact that Twitter (for example) is a fast but also a fleeting game. Now this no longer has to be the case. With ThinkUp you have the means to store all your tweets and the retweets you get permanently and in your own database.

Decide for yourself if an app like this makes sense for the regular one-man-show (or one-woman-show) in the web or any other type of business.

It certainly does make sense for small to medium businesses. Whenever the social media accounts are maintained by more than one person this tool gains you a lot of transparency and control. If you need to report your activities and successes ThinkUp is a must have.

You can play with a live demo of ThinkUp and get insights about @whitehouse on Twitter and/or the White House Facebook Page.

1,684 SEO WordPress Themes – at your fingertips

Do you like hunting for cool WordPress themes?
I certainly do. And be it for inspiration purposes only or when I’m actually trying to find a new theme for a project, this can be a very time consuming task.

Theme Grade is my one stop solution for this and has been a real time saver in the past 2 years.

Theme Grade is a theme catalog that offers organized and pre-qualified WordPress themes. Up to this date they show 1,291 free themes and 383 paid themes from 315 theme providers.

So this is not just another show case of a single theme provider or a rather small list of what the respective blog author thinks is eye candy. Here you get the big picture.

Themes are organized and searchable by various criteria as free or paid, theme structure (number of columns, ads ready, magazine style) and category (travel, business, entertainment).

The themes are also pre-qualified in terms of general coding standards and in terms of SEO suitability. According to the evaluation the themes are awarded Bronze, Silver and Gold status. On the detail page of each theme you find a comprehensive review and all the test results.

Making nearly 1,700 tested and reviewed WordPress themes sortable and searchable the way they do is already a great job. Keeping the promise to add fresh meat every day (and I’ve been watching for 2 years now) is simply amazing!

XLS to HTML – making it comfortable

If you create websites for clients you know it and if you like to publish neatly lined up figures in your blog posts you are probably with me: converting spreadsheet data into html can be a real drag.

I recently found a tool that makes the transferring process as comfortable as copy & paste. I don’t think it can get any easier.

With TABLEIZER you simply copy the content of your Excel, Calc or other spreadsheet cells into a box. You can chose the font, font size and header color and then just hit the “tableize it” button.

The output is a nicely formatted html table.

You get a preview and a code box and all you have to do is copy and paste it once more and you’re done. Wonderful!